Using video as a learning tool isn’t a new trend. It’s been around for a while. But what used to take a lot of time and money to produce (with varying results) has become easier with modern technology. Video learning has become common in today’s world and covers a wide variety of subjects.

How Powerful is Video Learning as a tool?

People are using video every day to learn and better educate themselves on a variety of topics.

How You Can Use Video:

You’ve already got the tools you need to make your video. Your cellphone, your tablet, even your laptop or desktop. Everything has a camera and it’s incredibly easy to shoot and edit video.

But how does all of that apply to you? How can you make your own training and education videos? Here are some best practices you can use when making your own training videos:

  1. Keep them short – Your videos shouldn’t last any longer than 7 – 15 minutes each. Anything beyond that and you start to lose your audience. People are busy and they have things they’re working on. You want to be informative but not overwhelming.
  2. Keep on target – Since you’ve only got between 7 – 15 minutes for your video, make sure that you keep on target. Plot your video so that you’ve got a logical beginning, middle and ending so that your audience don’t feel lost or like they wasted their time watching.
  3. Engage your audience – Learning is all about engagement. If your audience is interested in your content they’re more likely to absorb it, and watch future videos from you. If they’re not engaged, it’s doubtful they’ll get past the halfway point.
  4. Quality over quantity – Don’t inundate your audience. Video after video is bound to strip you of your creativity. If you continue to blast out content, you’ll eventually lose what makes it informative and entertaining. Think before you post and make sure you’re putting your best content out there to your audience.
  5. Allow for feedback – Feedback is so important, especially if you’re just started out or you’re committed to providing video education. The only way to get better at anything is through constructive criticism. Feedback allows you to find out what your strengths are and how to eliminate your weaknesses.

Pinpoint Global is so committed to video learning that we’ve created a plug-in for our LMS called Media Room.

Media Room is your own personal YouTube. It’s a place where you can store all of your educational videos in one place, while keeping them proprietary to your coworkers and staff.

Interested in finding out more? Click here to schedule a demo of the Pinpoint Global LMS and see Media Room in action.