Medicare Certification Systems

Satisfy all annual CMS requirements and your total monitoring needs with Pinpoint’s Medicare Certification System. This comprehensive solution is designed with an intuitive user interface and interactive and engaging course content to make learning easy. Periodic course knowledge checks reinforce retention, culminating to a higher final exam pass rate. Individuals can go from registration to ready-to-sell in under 2 hours.


  • Training automatically assigned to agent/broker based on profile information
  • Deliver and track multiple certification paths
  • Easy integration of health plan product training
  • Comprehensive self-administration and real-time reporting
  • Supports blended learning
  • Easily transfer completions to plan sponsors via nightly data feeds
  • Allows agents to upload certificate of Fraud, Waste and Abuse training taken through CMS or take the CMS course through the system
  • Upon registration the agent/broker is automatically presented with training based on their role (i.e. internal, external, call center)
  • Instant access to certification once enrolled
  • Agents/brokers have the ability to take the CMS certification training directly through the system or upload a certificate if they have taken training from another provider


  • Satisfies CMS Guidelines
  • Retail price for 2020 AEP certification is only $99.95—over 30% savings compared to other certification programs
  • Training developed in accordance with CMS guidelines
  • Certifications contain three courses and one exam
  • Agents can go from registration to certification in under 2 hours
  • Intuitive online courses and exams
  • Software platform with > 8 years of usage certifying over 250,000 agents/brokers
  • Continuing education credits available