NASHUA, NH (February 24, 2016) – Pinpoint Global Communications (Pinpoint) announced its new Video Coach application at the LIMRA Distribution Conference in Miami, FL. The Video Coach is a cloud-based mobile tool that connects agents directly with their managers via an integrated mobile device workflow that enables sales agents to submit “selfies” of elevator speeches, fact finders, sales pitches, or role plays directly from their phone. Mangers access the videos from a “video dashboard” to provide instant feedback and coaching on specific sections of the video. Feedback is tied to specific time codes within the video to allow the agent to navigate to specific sections of their video to use their manager’s feedback to enhance their professional development.

“Pinpoint has listened to our clients and partners regarding the need for this type of application”, said Bob Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of Pinpoint. “The Video Coach allows agents to upload videos that are automatically routed to their manager for review. The Video Coach can be used as a standalone product or integrated into Pinpoint’s technology platform – the #1 LMS in the financial services market.”

The Pinpoint Video Coach offers the following:

  • An intuitive mobile phone and tablet interface
  • Increased communication and coaching between agent and coach
  • Enables agents to connect with their managers on the go
  • Record ‘selfies’ of elevator pitches, role plays, sales ideas or success stories
  • Provides sales managers and coaches to access and comment on their agents’ videos form a work queue/dashboard
  • Provides ability to create a best practices video library to promote and share the best videos to share with the field force
  • Provides integrated reporting of all submitted videos

Agents will no longer have to rely on email, wait for face to face meetings with their manager or try to compete for face time with their manager during sales meetings. The Video Coach allows the agent to instantly record a video and submit it for feedback. Coaches can access all agent submissions that are easily accessible 24/7 from their Virtual Coach home page.

Using the Video Coach, managers will be able to reduce travel costs, therefore decreasing the amount of classroom training required. Each video submitted by the agent will be reviewed directly by their manager allowing the manager to focus on developing each sales agent. Agents will be able to get more structured feedback from their managers enabling them to absorb feedback and learn at a faster pace and retain relevant information. The Video Coach can also be integrated as courses within existing learning curriculum or used as a standalone coaching tool.

“This is the exact tool we have been looking for to bridge the gap and increase communication and training between our agents and managers,” said Dr. John Stout, Chief Learning Officer, Senior Vice President, Sales Training & Development, AIG Financial Distributors University “With the Video Coach we are able to provide a tool to shorten the ramp-up time for new agents and make it easy for our managers to provide the training and feedback our agents need.”

All videos submitted through the Video Coach are immediately encoded and optimized for web delivery which significantly cuts down on the amount of bandwidth used enabling the agent to easily view their submitted videos and access the feedback provided by the coach even when off wireless connections. The Video Coach will be available to the public on April 1st 2016 as a standalone module. For existing Pinpoint clients, the Video Coach can be integrated directly into their LMS.

About Pinpoint:

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